Does This Mask Make My Face Look Big? Sex Workers in Thailand Try to Make Masks Sexy

Usually when people talk about face masks and erotica they’re referencing some sort of fantasy or role-playing. That’s not the case in Thailand, where the government recently authorized the redlight district in Bangkok to open…with conditions. 

Bars, massage parlors, and other venues can operate as long as performers wear face masks and bikinis, and customers stay six feet from each other and 12 feet from the stage. For patrons used to crowding around performers and seeing them more in the buff, this might not be all that alluring. But to the workers, it’s the difference between at least some income and none at all.

The customers must have their temperatures taken, and they must give names and phone numbers for tracing purposes. It’s not clear if they give real or fake information.

As for dealing with the conditions, patron Michael Theo said:

“You can take a BTS (train) in the morning with 200 people on a packed train but then you can come into a bar and still have to sit 2 metres apart.”

Ah, but on the BTS are you standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a girl in a bikini?

Nationally, Thailand has yet to allow cockfighting and fish-fighting to resume, which brings up the question… What is fish-fighting? Is that really a thing?

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Comments (1)

  1. Gary Sugarman

    Fish fighting? Maybe it’s like pillow fighting, but with fish – probably live fish for the more sadistic.

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