Is It a Tesla-Killer? American-Built Lucid Air Goes 500 Miles per Charge

Finally an electric car company appears to have beaten the dreaded range anxiety. With current Teslas topping out around 300 miles, electric vehicle start-up Lucid Motors claims that its new Lucid Air, a luxury sedan, has been rated at more than 500 miles – 517 to be exact – by an independent testing company.

Tesla claims that its new Model S Long Range Plus will go more than 400 miles, but that model isn’t out yet and it will be the same old tired Model S, which first appeared a long 8 years ago.

The new Lucid Air should be out next year, but don’t expect it to immediately dent Tesla sales. The Air will cost “well north” of $100,000 per the company’s CEO, and the new plant can only make 34,000 per year, which is a little more than 5% of what Telsa plunks out.

For comparison, a new Tesla Model S starts around $75,000.

Lucid plans to add an SUV by 2023, and scale up production to several hundred thousand cars by the late 2020s.

It’s great to see Tesla finally get some competition, but at these prices, the cars aren’t meant for average drivers. For that, look to Volkswagen’s new electric car series, which was supposed to be released already but was held up for software issues.

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