Lookout, Gandhi! Protesters Take Aim at Famous Non-Violent Man’s Statue

The world isn’t going to run out of statues anytime soon, but the latest threat from England has to make you wonder if any historical figure will be judged good enough by current standards to remain in the public view.

A statue of famously non-violent Mahatma Gandhi, who led the Indian uprising against British rule, sits in the city of Leicester, England. Protesters are now demanding that the statue be removed because, while Gandhi is known around the world for leading protests, he also was reportedly very critical of black Africans when he lived in South Africa.

While people can judge for themselves if they agree with removing the statue or not, at least the protesters are taking the legal path. They’ve started a petition to officially remove the memorial instead of tearing it down. So far, they’ve gathered 5,000 signatures.

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Comments (1)

  1. katherine ayers

    I’m a Senior and am so glad I’ve lived through the years where I got to see so many of these magnificent statutes. The detail given to each and every one of them has been incredible. I can’t believe our law enforcement officers have not been allowed to stand up against these groups of people who are breaking laws right and left.

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