Missing Time at the Local Pub? London Brewer Brings the Pub to Your Door

Sometimes, you just want to stroll into your local haunt, ease onto a bar stool, have an ice-cold pint of beer, and let the day slip away. Almost none of that is possible today in many places around the world, but that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

Pubs across Britain might be closed, but one brewer still wants to get his product into the hands of the thirsty, so he’s put his kegs on wheels. Peter Brown, the director of Forest Road Brewing Co., spends his day fulfilling delivery orders by the glass, pulling pints from a van packed with kegs.

The white van bears the slogan, “Tactical Beer Response Unit.”

To be clear, Brown doesn’t deliver bottles or cans, he uses taps in the side of the van to pour pints on demand, at your doorstep.

Brown said:

“It doesn’t fit as much beer as our bar would do on a normal Friday or Saturday, but what we do get is the pure joy on the customers’ faces when they see a cold glass of beer for the first time in six weeks. The look on their faces is just irreplaceable.”

Even as many firms turn to delivering cans, last month the Society of Independent Brewers said many breweries were facing closure as beer sales had fallen 82%.

Brown said he had seen strong demand for his pint deliveries: he was booked up until the end of May, and was investigating acquiring another van to serve different postcodes.

It would be interesting to know if he’d consider investing in airplanes and making long-distance deliveries to the U.S., or at least developing a partnership with an American brewer.

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