As if COVID-19 and Protests Weren’t Enough… India Now Dealing With Locust Invasion

When a small cloud of locusts land in your garden, it’s frustrating. When a cloud of billions invade your town, it can be scary and even dangerous.

Desert locusts on Saturday descended on Gurugram, a city on the edge of India’s capital New Delhi. Authorities told people to keep their windows shut and bang utensils to ward off the fast-spreading swarms, while the Delhi International airport warned pilots to take extra precautions during takeoff and landing due to the bugs.

This is the first known locust infestation in Gurugram, typically they show up on the border with Pakistan.

Citizens blamed the government for not taking action because they don’t live in New Delhi proper.

Devinder Sharma, an agricultural expert, tweeted:

“Locusts too are getting aware that unless they reach New Delhi it doesn’t become breaking news!”

The locust swarm is part of a larger outbreak in India, the largest in decades. The government is using spray vehicles, fire engines, and even helicopter-mounted spray systems to spread pesticides to try to control the insects in the farming regions.

Luckily the locusts showed up during a low point between the lat harvest and the next planting, but if they stick around, they could wreak havoc on the summer crops.

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