LAWYER UP! Biden Creates a Legal War Room To Prepare For an Election Night Fight Over Votes

It looks like Joe Biden is getting nervous for election night… He has hired a team of lawyers and created a war room to prepare for a fight on election night over all the recent voting controversy.

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Comments (1)

  1. Sandy Hensley

    Liberals are insane and the last 4 years have opened the eyes of everyone around the world that liberals are nuts ! As for Biden it looks like he’ll do what Clinton did when Trump won the election and to this day she say’s she won the election she’s nuts ! About the mail in votes , come on we all know liberals depend on liberal voter fraud in every election , its not Republicans cheating , stealing or voting a dozen times its liberals ! Trump needs to make sure our lawyers are every where to see the votes and they better make sure they voters only voted once , in the last election some liberals even voted for their pets and grown children and they wasn’t ashamed ! We all know its liberals /democrats that are cheaters and liars and will try everything bad they can think of to get a liberal in the White House we need to watch them close ! I think Trump is a sharp minded person and he’s as sick of liberal BS and voter fraud going on and seeing them get by with it and steal elections . Since Bush won the election liberals mental state just keeps getting lower and their more nuts right now then when Bush was president and you had to notice liberals say the same thing every time a Republican kicks their ass in a election accusing us of voter fraud and keeping people from voting and I want them exposed ! If liberal/democrats can’t win an election the honest way then they shouldn’t be in any office ! I’m sick of their liberal voter fraud and sick of the liberal BS they say about us their all liars ! I think Trump won because the real democrats in our country jumped ship because liberals are to radical and I think this election there will be even more democrats jumping ship and Trump will win again and do it the honest way ! He’s our first Republican president to stand up to the liberal media and the democratic/liberal party and tell them their liars and finally we’re seeing him tell the liberal media they work for the democratic /liberal party. The democrat/liberal party own the liberal media completely and its time our party called them on it and thank God Trump is a strong man . I’m proud he is our president and I hope Trump tells all the American people if they get caught in voter fraud they will go to prison he needs to have them so scared they’ll be afraid of using liberal voter fraud !

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