Lawyer for Covington Teen Sends Letter Threatening Lawsuit for Libel to More than 50 Entities

The video evidence keeps rolling in, and all of shows 16-year old Nick Sandmann as the recipient of bigoted and hateful behavior, not the perpetrator.  After a short clip of his encounter with Native American Nathan Phillips on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after the Right to Life March, celebrities, news organizations, and political pundits far and wide denounced the young man and his classmates.

But they were wrong on the facts, as further video has proven.

Sandmann recieved death threats, among other things, leading his family to hire lawyers.  Through his representation, the young man gave those who had printed libelous statements several days to print apologies and retractions.  Some did, many didn’t.  Now he has put those who refused on notice. 

The groups include The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, Chuck Todd, and Kathy Griffin.

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