Law Professor Expects Ethics Charges for Entire Trump Defense Team

There’s no shortage of left-wing TV hosts who won’t allow Trump defenders on their shows because “they’re liars” (code for: “I can’t win an argument with a conservative).

But one of the witnesses at Trump’s impeachment hearing, North Carolina Law Professor Michael Gerhardt, sees things going to the next level.

Speaking on CNN, he said that he expects the D.C. bar to bring ethics charges against all of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial defense team – potentially disbarring them – because they “lied to the Senate.”

“I think what we are seeing as well is that the lawyers who presented his case in the Senate basically misled or lied to the Senate. And so at one point — at some point we are going to see ethics charges brought against these lawyers for making false statements, which we now all know were false.”

Fellow law scholar and impeachment witness Jonathan Turley, who was also a Hillary Clinton voter, was disgusted with his colleague, as he has consistently been disgusted with the Democratic legal onslaught against Trump.

“The defense took the record of the House and did what good lawyers do: they argued the best case within that record. We cannot allow the age of rage to adopt William Shakespeare’s line from Henry VI: ‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.’ It is even worse when it is lawyers seeking to shoot lawyers,” Turley wrote.

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