Latest Hypocrisy: Government Officials Not Required to Follow Mask and Quarantine Rules in D.C.

In case you had any doubt, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser confirms that rules are written to control the activities of ordinary citizens, but those same rules do not apply to members of government.

The subject came up when many members of Congress traveled to Atlanta for the funeral of John Lewis. According to D.C. rules, anyone engaging in non-essential travel to high-risk areas such as Georgia must self-quarantine for 14 days upon entering D.C. When asked if the rules applied to Congressmen attending the Lewis funeral, Bowser’s Press Secretary Susan Castillo said the funeral was considered an essential government activity.

Castillo said:

“Government activity is essential, and the Capitol of the United States is exempt from the Mayor’s Order.”

When asked if the rules applied to those attending funerals of ordinary citizens must comply with the quarantine rules, she said, “Yes.”

So there you have it. When your relative dies, you must quarantine if you attend because you might carry COVID-19. But when a Congressmen attend funerals, the virus is no longer a threat.

And it gets worse.

Members of Congress don’t have to comply with the D.C. rule requiring that residents wear masks both in public indoor spaces and even outside if they “are likely to come into contact with another person, such as being within six feet of another person for more than a fleeting time[.]”

If you don’t follow those rules ,you could be hit with a $1,000 fine per violation, but not Congressmen.

The order says:

The enforcement provisions of this Order shall not be applied to persons in the judicial or legislative branches of the District government while those persons are on duty; and shall not apply to any employees of the federal government while they are on duty.

Because, like with funerals, the virus doesn’t circulate among Congressmen, because they’re special… and we’re not.

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