Large Majority of Likely Voters Support Voter ID Laws, So Why Don’t Congressional Representatives?

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 75% likely voters support voter ID laws which require voters to show valid photo IDs to cast ballots.  A whopping 89% of Republicans support such laws, as do 60% of Democrats and 77% of non-affiliated voters.

Interestingly, our elected officials are moving in the other direction.

The House of Representatives recently passed H.R. 1, which requires that states with voter ID law accept a sworn statement instead of a photo ID to prove who they are.

According to PolitiFact:

“The bill says that if a state has a requirement for an individual to present an ID to cast a ballot, the state shall permit the individual to present to election officials a sworn written statement under penalty of perjury attesting to the individual’s identity and that they are eligible to vote.”

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Comments (8)

  1. Tom Dooley

    The United States Constitution gives each individual state the authority to set it’s own election rules by that state Legislature. The Federal Government cannot impose federal law upon the states under the Tenth Amendment (that is, unless the state consents to such). That’s why you see so many states Legislatures adopting state laws that require a state ID. They know that H.B. 1 isn’t worth the paper it is written down on. I find it incredible that during the election that no court would even give Trump a chance to prove voter fraud, and to now have so many state courts ruling that there was widespread voter fraud. I’ll bet you that the Republican party will be ready during the 2022 and 2024 elections to ensure that widespread voter fraud is stopped, at least to a minimum.

  2. Leslie Fish

    Why is it the so-called Democrats who are pushing for laws that defy the wishes of the voters? Obviously our political labels are all wrong — which we could have guessed from the antics of “Antifa”.

  3. Mary J Nelson

    I believe we should need to show a valid photo ID in order to vote.
    Don’t have a drivers’ license? There was an ID just for those in the past. True in 2021?
    I do not know.

    • lou

      I believe there is a state id you can show to prove who you are and that you can vote

  4. Bobbie Ahlbrand

    The democrats don’t want ID’s as a requirement. The new drivers license are changing (making it harder for illegals to steal) and it takes a lot of information to get the new ones. Illegals would not be able to get a new one, and that means they couldn’t vote. I am sick to death of Pelosi, Schumer and all the other lying stealing politicians. Maybe we should do recalls and get them out of office. Congress and the Senate were never meant to be a full time job, just a few days a month and that would be it. Now we have all these leaches in office sucking the constitution dry. Let’s vote them all out! Let each state represent themselves.

  5. Michael Morrow

    This is about the umpteenth poll that has been taken with similar results. All states have a driver’s license required to drive, and if you don’t drive, you can get a state ID. So there is no voter suppression involved.

  6. Ryan

    Why don’t our representatives follow through on Voter ID laws is a naive’ question. Our State Representatives have stopped implementing policies that the people want many years ago. With regard to voting, the liberal policy makers intend to create a permanent Democratic or Socialist party. Why would they want to implement fair and legal voting? It will merely slow them down–or make them lose their goals–since clearly the American people do not want a permanent Democratic party, much less a Socialist government.

  7. Gary Price

    So nasty little Nancy got her way again. That woman is a piece of work. She also recently stated that she is really concerned with the children at the Border? Nancy, the one who supports Abortion even up to the point of inception. ALL Nancy Is,Is a Fraud, from head to toe.
    The House approved it huh? That figures. The HR1 Bill is a way for them to legally cheat. That’s all it is. But every other day they stand up and point their fingers Talking about Democracy. They don’t know the 1st thing about it.
    Well, we have to come up with a way to counter this? We need to do, what we need to do, to survive these Sociopaths. And then remove as many of them from ever working within our Government Ever Again. They’re not reasonable, they are Impossible to sit down with and have a legitimate, adult conversation where the two parties actually work together for the betterment of our country, and what the Majority Wants. If this keeps up there will be another type of Civil War in this country. Maybe they’ll wear black and we’ll wear white?
    As far as the votes go, maybe we should just all vote 2-3 times? I mean if you don’t have to show ID, then it’s good for us too right? THEY are forcing this game on us, so we need to play to win. And Just Like Trump Did, beat them at their own game! But I know one thing, the Republicans better get off their ass’s for once and stand up to these Political Bullies. And if they don’t, we need to ask them why?

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