Kansas University Faculty Group Wants to Kick Out Chick-fil-A, Gets Nowhere

Firs the Chick-fil-A was in an underground location.  That was bad enough for members of the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Faculty Staff Council (SGD), which wanted the popular restaurant kicked off of campus entirely.  The group thinks Chick-fil-A promotes hate and bigotry because its CEO supports traditional views of marriage and the company has donated to the Family Research Council and the Salvation Army.

Not only did Chick-fil-A remain on campus, but it moved to a more prominent location in the student union, which sent the SGD leaders into a tizzy.  The faculty council sent a letter to the Chancellor of the university, the interim provost, and the community at large, denouncing the move.

Then it got worse, at least for the SGD.  Kansas University strengthened its relationship with Chick-fil-A by instituting the Chick-fil-A coin toss, which will happen at the beginning of KU football games for the next several years.  The deeper ties gave the SGD fits.

Katie Batza, an associate professor of women and gender studies, told the Kansas City Star that hundreds “will boycott or protest” but lamented that the request was “falling on deaf ears.”

Perhaps the university leaders were too busy eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Not everyone wants to send the restaurant packing.  College Republicans on campus have started their own petition to let the administration know there are students on campus who are just fine with having the popular food chain available.

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