Kansas University Faculty Group Wants to Kick Out Chick-fil-A, Gets Nowhere

Firs the Chick-fil-A was in an underground location.  That was bad enough for members of the Sexuality and Gender Diversity Faculty Staff Council (SGD), which wanted the popular restaurant kicked off of campus entirely.  The group thinks Chick-fil-A promotes hate and bigotry because its CEO supports traditional views of marriage and the company has donated to the Family Research Council and the Salvation Army.

Not only did Chick-fil-A remain on campus, but it moved to a more prominent location in the student union, which sent the SGD leaders into a tizzy.  The faculty council sent a letter to the Chancellor of the university, the interim provost, and the community at large, denouncing the move.

Then it got worse, at least for the SGD.  Kansas University strengthened its relationship with Chick-fil-A by instituting the Chick-fil-A coin toss, which will happen at the beginning of KU football games for the next several years.  The deeper ties gave the SGD fits.

Katie Batza, an associate professor of women and gender studies, told the Kansas City Star that hundreds “will boycott or protest” but lamented that the request was “falling on deaf ears.”

Perhaps the university leaders were too busy eating Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Not everyone wants to send the restaurant packing.  College Republicans on campus have started their own petition to let the administration know there are students on campus who are just fine with having the popular food chain available.

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Comments (12)

  1. Carl Young

    Your question about who is responsible for the hostile environment is pretty dumb. If any body doesn’t believe BOTH sides are responsible, then they either haven’t been paying attention, or the lobotomies were successful.

  2. Dr Dave

    I am disgusted with the radical group at my alma mater trying to ban Chick-fil-A from campus. It is a great affordable addition to the limited food available on campus. The low-brows promoting political discrimination against this business should pay attention to their studies rather than partying and boycotting for trivial/contrived reasons. I attended KU in the 1970’s, achieving a GPA of 3.91 and graduating in 7 semesters. I subsequently graduated with a MD degree from KUMC in the top 1% of my class in basic sciences and with all or almost all ‘Superior’ grades in the clinical clerkships.
    Chick-fil-A has the right to close on Sunday, just as many Jewish businesses choose to close on Saturday, and many other restaurants close on Mondays. I am non-religious, but I respect their rights to operate their businesses as they choose. The CfA food and service are excellent, and no one working at these restaurants has EVER asked about my religious beliefs or gender preference, or tried to convert me to their beliefs. In short, they are more respectful of others than these boycotter babies will ever be, and I pledge to eat at Chick-fil-A at least weekly myself to counter about 52 of these fools each year.

    • larry

      Why do they not kick out the Faculty group?

    • ronnie

      Well said! Freedom to choose is now out, and it’s their way or else.

    • John

      Great comments and position. Three cheers for a sane KU grad. My old college in Calif has too few similar grads with common sense.

    • Alan Brandenburg

      Graduated KSU ’71. We didn’t put up with this type of BS and they still don’t.

  3. ronnie

    I am so sick of boycotts! I can read/listen/watch the news and determine what I want and don’t want, then I will vote with my pocketbook! If a group tells me to boycott, I will probably NOT boycott because I HATE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO WITH MY MONEY! Religious organizations have the right to BELIEVE WHAT THEIR RELIGION TELLS THEM! Don’t like it? Then vote with YOUR pocketbook! Don’t eat/shop/buy there!!!!! I have to say, I was a LOT more tolerant of “special interest groups” a few years ago, but now they are starting to really get to me. Right or left, doesn’t matter. THEY ARE INTOLERANT, they are the opposite of what they say they are! Believe their way…or else one will be “outed” via doxing, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Well, I’m not going to “believe or else”. I will shop/dine/buy what I want when I want and special interest groups that tell me I am a bigot/racist etc because I love to eat at Chik fil A or buy at my favorite store or stand with my hand on my heart during the Star-Spangled Banner at football games will definitely lose my support AND my money.

  4. Pablo

    Score one for the 1st Amendment and for diversity of opinion..It does my little heart good…Conservatives hit back! Long overdue.

  5. Edward

    Apparently the SGD only believes in their diversity to the exclusion of all others. And we wonder why education effectiveness in America continues its downward slide.

  6. jvandal

    The school belongs to the citizens of Kansas. Students are only renting class space. Teachers are employees who are employed to teach their class. Any changes to the State Schools must be initiated by the citizens of Kansas. Statutes or any other existing things on the campus can only be changes by the citizens of Kansas. New classes or existing classes must be approved by the citizens of Kansas!!!!

  7. Mary Luy

    Thank God this time Kansas U did not follow all others colleges who protect the snowflakes.
    Is a disgrace to see these call “teachers” behave this way. One more time liberals are yelling
    at us their motto: “Our way or no way”. Time to stand up for our freedom in all aspects of life.

  8. David

    So much for equal rights and diversity that these ass hats or vagina hats are always fighting for. Perhaps they should practice what they preach rather than bullying others to confirm to their ideals. Wake up people, this is what the DemocRATS are spewing, “Don’t do as I do, donas I say.” Well I say to hell with the SGD Council.

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