Judge Smacks Oberlin College in Gibson Bakery Case, Upholds Judgment

Well, this is going to leave a mark.

Earlier this year, an Ohio jury found Oberlin College guilty of producing and distributing slanderous information about a storied local business, Gibson Bakery.  A  bakery employee, chased after a shoplifter trying to steal wine, and caught him.  The employee was an elderly white man, part of the Gibson family.  The shoplifter was black.  Some Oberlin College students claimed racism, although in court the shoplifter said that race had nothing to do with it, as he was stealing.

That didn’t deter students from starting a movement to shut down Gibson Bakery for racism, a move that the Oberlin College administration supported by pulling contracts from Gibson as well as printing and distributing materials calling Gibson employees and policies racist.

Gibson sued, and won a $32 million judgment.  Oberlin moved to have the conviction vacated, and to have the award dismissed.

A judge just denied both.  Oberlin will be required to post $36 million to an escrow account so that the university can’t claim a lack of funds after the case moves through the inevitable appeals process, which could take a couple of years.


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