And…There Goes Wisconsin…Another Swing State Extending Ballot Deadline

Every vote counts unless of course it is lost either among, or against, a sea of ballots all pointing one direction.  If you’re one more conservative in Mississippi, you won’t swing the presidential election. And if you’re one liberal vote in Mississippi, you won’t swing the election.

For those reasons, only a few “swing states” actually matter in the election, and Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida are among them. Voters in these states are worried about making sure their mail-in votes are counted, but instead of petitioning their election boards to mail out ballots – and require that they are returned – earlier, they are filing lawsuits demanding more time for ballots to be received after the elections are over.

Michigan and Pennsylvania have already gone down this road, and now Wisconsin is following.

A federal judge ordered the state’s absentee ballot receipt deadline to be stretched to Nov 9, as long as they are postmarked on or before Election Day, November 3.

It’s not clear how anyone could assume that a ballot they mail on the day of an election, or even one or two days ahead of time, could reach the ballot box by Election Day.

Because these voting extensions are happening in swing states, it dramatically increases the possibility of a contested election. This will not be the case of the election is not close, but if it comes down to the wire, this could be very frustrating as we wait days, or even weeks, for the outcome.

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Comments (11)

  1. Joe

    Judges can cause big constitutional problems with their fickle partisan decisions as they relate to mail-in ballots in the upcoming Presidential Election. I have lost a lot of respect for judges. Judges are now intervening in the election process. THIS IS JUST WRONG!

    • Michelle


  2. Ell Jay

    We have deadlines to elect our legislators. That’s the law. Judges need to stop legislating and enforce the deadlines for voting-PERIOD! If you have not voted by the deadline too damned bad!
    BTW, I live in Wisconsin and have a stake in what happens here.

    • D. Wayne

      I do NOT live in Wisconsin but I STILL have a stake in what happens there, just as everyone in the US does! The Electoral votes of Wisconsin count just as much as those of OUR states!

  3. mark cameron sr

    There is only one reason to extend the vote by mail deadline, it is called “ballot harvesting”, A.K.A. ” cheating”. Democrats already proved that the cheating works, see prior election results in California.

  4. Richard Fischer

    The only votes that count are those that can be counted on November 3rd 2020. Forget what these sleaze ball dem judges want to try an enact… This election is NO different than those in the past… Dem’s will try anything to cheat in order to gain power… Enough is enough with all of their lawlessness, actually enough is enough of the lying cheating dem’s period…

    • Joe

      This should be against the law. They are changing the Constitution. After trump is elected he should get this straighten out.

  5. JDP

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    State Governors nor federal judges have no authority to extend voting time beyond its already set limits, to do so only shows their willingness to corrupt the system. Why can’t everyone play fair all use the same time allowed ? Its not fair to those who obeyed the law limits getting their ballot in on time or before the closing. THIS NEEDS TO BE CHALLENGED BY THE SUPREME COURT , DO WE PLAY DIRTY OR FAIR?

  6. JOHN

    Ballot harvesting is illegal!!, Not in the constitution, [YES EVERY VOTE MUST COUNT!!] BUT ALL BALLOTS NEED TO BE IN ON TIME, FOR COUNTING NOT AFTER THE CLOSING BELL, WHERE THE CHEATING TAKES PLACE. If they say oh we found a box of ballots in a parked car they should be null and void the car owner should be hauled before a court telling why he left them there and not turned in on time, every darn after election ballot needs vetted to the max signature, alive person, living in same area, registration voting ID and hand writing analysis of ballots penmanship are they all the same. Any found not meeting the vetting requires the box holder response with legal ramifications as to where ballot/s came from under a court of law. POTUS SHOULD JUST PUT THE LAW DOWN ON after election closing counting.

  7. William Gordon

    What we should do–is when we find a state that is false/lying about the ballot and one citizen voting more then once–the democratic leg. and the person should face a 10 year sentence –with no out–and if someone is paying that person to comment a crime–that person should serve a 10 years sentence–no getting out soon–10 years in the desert –( Arizona- Nevada)- no way to pay out. I as an American citizen and served my country honorably–is saying you commit a voting law –you get the prison in the hot states . No one gets out–that persons like SOROS. If he is giving money to do what I just said –he goes too. If a judge is doing the wrong thing in these cases -he goes to jail for 20 years.

  8. mike G

    Bring back the honest way to vote… Election day is the first Tues. in November, rain, snow, hot or cold, that is the ONLY day to vote, No early voting either, no mail in ballots, the only exception is for military stationed away from their home state, they get an absentee ballot, all others go to a voting booth, no exceptions.
    PS…voter ID required, non citizens can’t vote in any elections

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