Joe Rogan Offers to Host 4-Hour Debate Between Trump and Biden

Four hours. No audience. Just President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Would you listen to (or watch) that debate?

That’s the set up envisioned by UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan. If you haven’t heard of Rogan, you soon will. He used to host the number two-ranked podcast on Apple, then Spotify paid him a reported $100 million to change platforms.

Rogan said he would vote for Trump after Biden beat Sanders in the primaries. Rogan is known for hosting in-depth interviews and has an engaging, brash style. It was on his show that Tesla CEO and Founder Elon Musk took the opportunity to light up a joint.

The move was legal at the time, but it wouldn’t be today, because Rogan moved out of California in August and settled in Austin, Texas, where the tax bite on his rich new deal will be a touch less painful.

As for the debate offer, Joe Rogan was actually appearing on Tim Kennedy’s podcast when he made the offer. Social media immediately blew up with people wondering if Biden could make it for the full four hours.

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Comments (8)

  1. John Francis Markee

    I wonder if he could for 4 minutes!

  2. Daniel from TN

    If there is no teleprompter, knowledge of the questions beforehand, and/or an earpiece with someone feeding him the answers, Biden will not participate.
    I also believe this is why this year’s TV debates will not occur. Biden will be clobbered in the TV debates, which is why I personally believe his campaign is desperately searching for a “reason” to cancel the debates, or at least let Biden debate from his basement.

  3. Rodger DeRamus

    I’m not sure if I could stand it four hours myself.

  4. Sally Bouknight


  5. Charlie

    Biden will NEVER go one-on-one with President Trump. Biden doesn’t have the mental acuity…never did! Biden was a joke in the US Senate and “the joke” of the Obama Administration 2009-2017…and he’s almost TOTALLY “out-of-it” today. Can’t even read a teleprompter without messing up. At least Obama can do that…

  6. carol weidig

    yes, I support a debate between Trump and Biden, with moderator Joe Rogan.

  7. John M. Kanterakis

    Since President TRUMP accepts Mr. Rogan, No matter what X Joey Biden says, Trump will Win the Debate!
    It will be setup to show JB’s smarts and he will stumble & screw up every question asked of them!!!
    God Bless President Trump ! & God Bless the USA.

  8. John Humer

    I would be surprised if there is a debate between Biden and Trump this year. Biden may have been a fine debater years ago, but not now.

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