Joe Biden Loses Grip on Historical Details

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden recently retold a story he’s been telling, and changing, for years.  According to Biden, he flew to the Kunar Province in Afghanistan to pin the Silver Star on a young man for repelling down a wall to retrieve a comrade.  In the story, the tearful Navy Captain told Biden he didn’t deserve it because he didn’t save his fellow soldier.

Biden ignored others who told him not to go because it was too dangerous.  In responding to them, he said:

“We can lose a vice president.  We can’t lose many more of these kids.”

Except, the story didn’t happen, although Biden lived pieces of the story at different times.

He did visit Kunar Province in 2008, when he was a Senator, and he did watch a Major General pin a Bronze Star on an Army Specialist for pulling a fellow soldier behind a rock.

As President Trump clearly shows, embellishing, changing, and mixing up stories isn’t a reason to keep someone from the White House, but it’s likely that the other Democratic challengers will seize on some of Biden’s “mis-rememberings” as a way to tear at him in the weeks and months ahead.

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Comments (5)

  1. Ken

    He also said “you can take my word as a Biden”

    Well I do and frankly Joe, it is not worth a cent!

  2. Mark

    Joe “dementia” Biden

  3. C J Madden

    Joe Biden not only “dis-remembers” historical facts, he also “dis-remembers” most events in his own life! Either he has extraordinary brain freezes or he has something else going on that is a lot more serious to his health and well-being. No Nation merits an individual who cannot remember events, history, etc as the leader–Joe needs to retire and stay home. He did his stint as a Senator and went on to become an unimportant VP — Joe, the USA has had enough of you and we don’t need you.

  4. Mary Luy

    Seems that Joe has Early Alzheimer due to all those statements. Forgetful, confabulation, speech problems are all signs. Thank God our beloved Trump is sharp and with strong personality. Those are attributes that makes him the best president. MAGA.

  5. Ruby

    It’s time for Joe to away. He is seeking a job that requires a few truthful comments. Someone needs to tell him he’s too old to be
    President and that will save him a lot of embarrassmentq

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