Japanese Experts Recommend Dumping Radioactive Water Into Ocean

Sometimes, you just want to get rid of your unwanted stuff, but don’t know how.

Maybe you’ve got an old, broken fridge in the garage, or perhaps you’ve got a rusted out barbeque grill on the side of your house. Who do you call, or where do you take such things?

The Japanese has that sort of problem, only a bit bigger. The country has used water to cool the melting reactor in the Fukushima nuclear plant that was hit by a tsunami in 2011.  As the water becomes contaminated, they drain it off and pour in fresh water. The contaminated water has been stored in more than 1000 tanks. But they’re running out of space, and options.

A panel of experts has found a solution.  Dump the 1.2 million tons of radioactive water into the ocean. 

The experts don’t want to store it underground because it might seep into ground water, and they don’t want to let it evaporate for fear of the remaining radioactive material, tritium, getting into the air. So hey, why not dump it into the ocean where it can mingle with underwater life and be carried with the current to other nations?

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), claims that the water has been filtered to a large degree, removing all but traces amount of a material that is commonly found in water anyway. But this is the same entity that earlier lied about filtration efforts and had to re-filter water after the news broke.

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