It’s Now Illegal in New York City to Call Someone an “Illegal Alien” Out of Hate

The City of New York passed a law making it a crime to call someone an illegal alien out of hate.  The infraction comes with a $250,000 penalty per offense.

The New York Post reported the new ban includes the passage:

“The use of certain language, including ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegals,’ with the intent to demean, humiliate, or offend a person or persons constitutes discrimination.”

The 29-page directive includes several examples of what rises to the level of illegal conduct.  A hotel requiring housekeeping staff to speak English instead of Spanish because it makes the guests uncomfortable would get slapped with a quarter-million dollar fine, as would a shopkeeper telling two consumers to speak English instead of their native Thai and go back to their own country.

The law is certain to be challenged in court.

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Comments (24)

  1. NettieSue

    Youre an illegal alien ya scum!

    • Joe Biden

      NY, try as you may you will never beat your sister state California for being #1 libturds.

    • jem

      How about calling them “visiting illegal” or “illegal visitor”

  2. John Stuczynski

    So much for freedom of speech. Next, you will not be allowed to even think those words.

  3. Joe Ban**

    We will no longer call them illegal aliens…..We will now call them ALIEN INVADERS.

    • Eunice LaSpisa

      love the response Joe. It seems to me that the government of NY & NYC is more concerned with protecting criminals, than tax paying citizens. Maybe we should find a way to put our city & state taxes in escrow- until the NY & NYC government protects American Citizens.

      • JIM

        They have a contest with Calif. to see who can pass the most stupid laws that will never hold up in any legitimate court.

  4. Freedom Rules

    This Constitutes For New Yorker’s A Loss Of Their Constitutional First Amendment Rights By A Communist Regime That Runs NYC And This Law Is Against Our Laws As American Citizens.. This Law Will Not Hold Up.. The Supreme Court Should Step Immediately, The Democrat Communist Are Pushing Their Communist Agenda Against American Citizens.. The Communist Democrat Party Has To Be Abolished NOW !!!!

  5. Donl longo

    It’s Freedom of Speech, A-hole.

  6. Steve Flowers

    ILLEGALS……….Years ago, they were called DP’s. No complaints then, now it is PC. CALLING AN ILLEGAL OR ILLEGAL ALIEN IS CORRECT! By calling them as the6y just may cause them to study and become a citizen. I see the NEW YORK law as being ridiculous! NO MATTER HOW YOU WANT TO LOOK AT, AN ILLEGAL IS STILL AN ILLEGAL JUST AS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN! IT IS, WHAT IT IS!


  7. Marc

    $250k fine for offending someone? N.Y. is becoming as crazy as Calif. At least it’s not illegal yet to call the mayor a DBag.

  8. Samuel Oliva

    Klingon’s are aliens.
    Humans on U.S. soil illegally are INVADERS.
    Call them what they are: INVADERS
    and deport them.

  9. Fred

    So I guess you can’t call a felon a felon , a drunk driver a drunk , a robber or killer a robber or killer , a pedophile a pedophile , or make any true statement that offends ! ? Hmmm , what happened to the 1st amendment ? Oh – that’s right – New York is run by Democrats so the Constitution doesn’t matter !!!

    • Glenn Van Acker

      You hit the nail on the head. After 62 years I was glad to get out of New York. Someone was quoted saying “guys” is a sexist word. Must be a New Yorker. Feed, clothe and house our own humanity before going out of the way for free loading aliens.

  10. Rivahmitch

    Lessons from this:
    1. Avoid New York Despite having been born there (in Brooklyn), I avoid the NYC rathole anyway.
    2. Calling FOREIGN INVADERS by the much gentler term “illegal aliens” is frowned upon by the idiots in the NYC government.

  11. Robert L. Kahlcke

    If you are not authorized to enter my country, you have entered illegally. Which designates you as an “ILLEGAL”.
    That being said, if there is anyone that wishes to sign a complaint against me, please do it FORTHWITH. I won’t be too hard to find.

  12. Theresa

    R u kidding me WTF the Democrats r destroying our country with their PC bull! I can’t wait till President Trump kicks their dumb asses! They make me sick send all the dems to Mexico let them run for office there they care more abt ILLEGALS then they do Americans disgusting!

  13. Arline

    I say tough crap.. They are illegal aliens and that’s all there is to it.. I’m an American and that’s what I should be called.. They are illegals aliens and that’s what I’d call them and NY can kiss my butt..

  14. Kurt Walker

    And guess who passed that “law”??? Why ILLEGAL ALIENS of course. There’s one big slob politician in NYC that believe he can get all the wet back votes with this. And he probably will.

  15. Thomas Drapela

    A shopkeeper could not tell consumers to speak English ? If he doesn’t understand their language how is he supposed to serve them? Asinine law.

  16. random walk

    I have long used “illegally present foreign national.”
    Using the statement of “someone not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America” works. Don’t be an idiot about Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America.
    Then, where appropriate, “enemy invader” works.
    I have used enemy invader for a very long time.
    Describing those who fit would take longer than I care to spend. But I have used it for quite a while. It also fits the US Supreme Court case of Wong vs US (1898) US Supreme Court. Enemy invaders are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as per the 14th Amendment. The children of enemy invaders are not US citizens as per the Wang case explaining citizenship.
    Of course all here, including those not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America are subject to all laws in the jurisdiction of the United states, just like everyone else, unless a special law has been passed, such as for those with diplomatic immunity.
    This case on the 14th Amendment, properly applied, would empty many people out of the United States who do not have valid citizenship claims.
    All tourist visits to drop babies to get the babies citizenship would result in those children losing any passports for the USA that they obtained. By proper application of the law, those children are not citizens. That is no matter what gratuitous documents that they may have received. That is what a proper reading of the Wong case results in.

  17. MR. A. B. JAMES

    the U S code states illegal aliens.

  18. William

    My question: Is it illegal to call Mayor de Blasio an incompetent asshole?

  19. Tommy Gunn

    Some old timey poet guy once said “A rose any any other name would smell as sweet”. So what is we say that an”undocumented immigrant” by any other name would still be an illegal alien!

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