It’s Crunch Time, and the Polls Still Show Biden Ahead in Battleground States

Most of us live in states that are all but sewn up for one presidential candidate or the other.  We all know California will hand all of its electoral votes to Joe Biden, and that Alabama will give all of its votes to Trump.  We can go down the line and confidently predict the outcome in around states, leaving just a handful that are both up for grabs and have enough electoral votes to make a difference.

These are battleground states.  If the polls are accurate, Trump is trailing in all of them, although he’s close in a few.

In Michigan, Rasmussen shows Biden ahead 51% to 43%.  In Wisconsin, Marquette shows Biden leading 47% to 43%.  Two polls show Biden ahead of Trump by 3% in Florida, which is the closest contest and likely  within the margin of error.  CNBC/Change Research shows Biden beating Trump by 4% in both Arizona and Pennsylvania.  Rounding out the battleground states, Rasmussen shows Biden ahead by 4% in Ohio.

There are two themes worth noting.  Biden is ahead in every battleground state, but in several of them the difference is a mere 4%.  If there is a large group of silent Trump voters, or if the president can gain a little momentum over the next 55 days, all of this could change.

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Comments (4)

  1. Michael

    President Donald Trump will crush the liberal s—t heads.

  2. Christopher

    Bull shit. Trump by a landslide!

  3. Stephen Hillman

    The polls were wrong in 2016 and I believe they are wrong now. There must be a lot of silent Trump supporters. Biden has never been popular nationally and neither has Harris. Camilla Harris dropped out of the Democratic Primaries before the first votes were cast because she was doing poorly in the polls. I think that most of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 will vote for him again in 2020.

  4. Billy Wilson

    Pools can lie every time depends who set up the pool and the answer they wanted or lead you to answer.

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