Italians Refuse to Let Virus Get Them Down; They Hold Massive Balcony Dances and Sing-Alongs

Italy has recorded more deaths from the coronavirus than any other country, including China.  The country has suffered more than 5,400 deaths out of 59,000 known infections, for an awful mortality rate of almost 10%. As of the end of last week, the median age of death was 80, a grim reminder that the disease is tough on the elderly.

Italy is suffering more than others because of its elderly population and it was behind the curve in trying to stem the spread of the disease. Also, the first known patient was very active, going to sporting events, parties, and the hospital twice before they knew what he had.

But the Italian spirit won’t be dimmed! Italians are regularly holding dance-alongs and sing-alongs on their balconies as they comply with orders to remain in their homes. Sometimes they sing patriotic songs, other times they join in belting out pop tunes. Several times the Italians have joined together to sing songs of praise for their healthcare workers.

It’s great to see the spirit of life is alive and well in such a grim time!

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  1. Lynne

    THAT’S what they’re doing? Whew.

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