Israeli Airline El Al Makes Historic First Commercial Flight to Dubai

Israeli Airline El Al flight 971 from Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv to Abu Dubai, is the first commercial flight between the two countries and represents the first step after the nation’s normalized relations in August. The new relationship and open channel of commerce is a win for the Trump administration and is the reason that an Israeli-American delegation was onboard the inaugural flight.

The word “peace” was painted on the plane’s cockpit.

The agreement between Israel and the Emirates made the U.A.E. the first Gulf country to establish such relations with Israel.

On a side note, Saudi Arabia gave the flight permission to travel through the Kingdom’s air space, which represents another softening of relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

On Saturday the Emirates repealed a 1972 law that boycotted Israel, allowing the exchange or possession of Israeli goods and products of all kinds.

The surprise agreement between the two, brokered by the U.S., is considered a model for other gulf nations that could quickly follow the U.A.E and normalize relations with Israel in short order.

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