Not Everyone Supports Women’s Day; Islamists in Pakistan Hurl Shoes and Stones

The idea of women being equal to men is not universal. That fact came into view again over the weekend as women marched in many cities around the world and were met with derision and violence in some places.

In Islamabad Pakistan, Islamists pelted campaigners with stones, shoes and sticks.

Women and men joined the event in Islamabad, the largest such rally in the country, for what is known in Pakistan as the Aurat (Women, in Urdu) March.

Dozens of men and women from the Red Mosque brigade, consisting of several local militant groups, staged a rival rally just across from the women’s march venue and were stopped by the police as they tried to break through a cordon and attack the women marchers.

Ahead of this year’s event, organizers say posters and murals were vandalized, including one by the Islamists from the Red Mosque.

Marches in other parts of the country were held peacefully amid tight security.

A court in the eastern city of Lahore allowed the march there to take place on condition that organizers and participants adhered to “decency and moral values”.

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