Is the National Anthem Too Divisive? And Trump’s Legal Team Botches Impeachment Defense

In this video, we pose the question to all of you: Is the National Anthem too divisive? This comes after news from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban that the team will no longer play The Star-Spangled Banner before its games.

Story update: NBA will FORCE Dallas Mavericks to play the national anthem before games after owner Mark Cuban scrapped it because The Star-Spangled Banner doesn’t ‘represent people from all communities.’

The World Health Organization blasts U.S. intelligence for reporting on the origins of COVID-19, saying to trust China. But the man behind the investigation may have a conflict of interest.

And Trump’s legal team can’t seem to make a coherent argument in defense of Trump. Did they even read the Democrat’s prosecution plan?

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Comments (14)

  1. Woodie thompson

    Like so many comments we see from leftist Democrats. The I impeachment ma angers comments ate filled with suggestions that they know what people are thinking and why they do things. Notice e how ma y times the phrase they do this because……they thought… … they believed …
    And they zpp,y the same process to Trumps thoughts as well, what he thought, what he wanted.. problem is their words dont always bear them out. What bearing do the words of some one else have on the thoughts or actions of any other person?


    • p sabatino

      May your un-American mind set grant you all you deserve. No claim if you think you are entitled. How many times are you
      going to claim to be proud of anything. So hopeful those very patrons of any sports that refuses to play the OUR National AMERICAN Anthem before games, will have the guts to not attend the games of any sports who refuse to respect our very AMERICAN FLAG. I am wondering how many spent time in the service making sure that the country they and their parents and children live in, are refusing, or deny the rest of we USA people, who desire and believe that it is our right to have it played. They even play their nationl athems in Russia, and I believe the China popularized by those who are disatisfied with living free here in our UNITED STATES, try other countries of non-freedoms.

  2. Stephen

    It’s been more than fine for over 200 years. What’s the problem? Some candy ass snowflakes get their panties in a wad about it? Maybe it’s high time for people to get the hell over themselves! The whole world does NOT revolve around you!

  3. RC

    So many just don’t understand that the Star Spangled Banner describes something that happened during the war of 1812. Fort McHenry was attacked and survived the attack by the British. What’s SUPPOSED to be done when the National Anthem is played, is stand at attention with one’s hand over his/her heart and show respect. Just maybe those who gave all they had to give for our freedom might hear and even see that people still care. I know that when we came home in 1945 we left a lot of shipmates behind in the Pacific. So just stand up straight and sing it loud. And who cares how one sounds singing it? Just let others know you care.

  4. Wyatt Earp

    How is it? Only those who fail history or are NOT AMERICA CITIZEN BELIEVE it is! Since when did it cause problem in your RACE or community? That is the song that all should learn to sing! I have never heard it say anything about skin color!

  5. MMK

    No – our national anthem isn’t divisive. It’s a symbol of our liberation from an oppressive regime and should always be revered. As far as the current leftist attempt to damage President Trump… ain’t over ’till it’s over. Don’t believe what you read in leftist, anti-American articles. It’s just a matter of time until all the dark, underhanded actions of democrats and leftists come to light and the truth comes out that they are just still whining about President Trump winning the 2016 election and using illegal attempts to damage him.

  6. Leftybyrd

    It’s a free country, if you dont like it here, dont let the s green door hit you in the ass as you leave. ENJOY some socialist country elsewhere, plenty to ckoose choose from.

  7. Herb

    I have gone over all the lyrics of the national anthem and can’t find one word or phrase that sounds anywhere near divisive. Someone show me what is divisive about a poem/song praising the military and the country.

  8. Donald Holz

    Leave the National anthem alone The Democrats hate America.

  9. Donald Holz

    And that is what the Democrats want to do to all of us: Control all of us, have us think their way. There is no freedom in that.

  10. Donald Holz

    The National Anthem is not decisive the Democrats are decisive.

  11. Leslie Fish

    The “Star-Spangled Banner” is “too divisive”? It’s *supposed* to be “divisive”! It’s a *war song* — about the start of the War of 1812 — remember? It’s supposed to hearten and fire up teams of *fighters* — such as opposing sports teams. If you want to replace it, I’d suggest “We Will Rock You”.

    –Leslie <

  12. Richard DeVries

    Our National Anthem is extremely meaningful to me. I played and sang it in grade school and high school. I played it in a band in the US Navy. That’s when I also pledged my life to defend it. Later in college, I sang it before sport events. And so continually throughout my life.
    Many times now when my grandkids hear and sing it before their sporting events, I often get tears in my eyes because of its great and meaningful history.

  13. Thomas Beauchamp

    Yes – the National Antrum should be played and sung. THIS PC CRAP HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH

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