Is COVID-19 Still a Threat or Not? Big City Mayors Support Protesters While Calling on People to Stay Home

Mayors from Chicago to London are voicing their support for protesters angry of George Floyd’s death and the larger issue of how police treat black people. Some mayors have marched with protesters while others tweet or otherwise show they are with them.

But then many of those same mayors call on people to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19.

London Mayor Sidiq Khan tweeted:

“Londoners of all ages, races and backgrounds joined millions of people around the world yesterday to come together peacefully. I stand with you. George Floyd’s brutal killing must lead to immediate and lasting change everywhere.”

“Please remember that Covid-19 is still a very real threat. I urge people to consider ways of making your voice heard that doesn’t put yourself and others at risk. If you are planning to protest today you please do so safely, peacefully and within the law.”

There haven’t been many, if any, pictures of protesters in large cities standing six feet apart.

If we don’t get a surge in COVID-19 cases among protesters, then it will call into question how the lockdowns were handled. If we do get a surge of COVID-19 cases among protesters, then it will call into question how the protests were handled.

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Comments (1)

  1. Paula Teel

    Well it is very apparent, that the Democrats are not seriously worried about covid-19! If they are not willing to mandate that protestors wear mask & social distance! Apparently the Democrat party is using covid-19 as an excuse, to empower themselves & keep the American ppl suppressed, in order to manipulate the 2020 national election & take away the ppls votes! Just proves how disparate the Democrat Party is, as to why they won’t bind the nation together as one to fight this pandemic war, & their continued plot to keep the American ppl divided & fighting against one another!! As the Democrats have always believed that in Stalin’s moves……bankrupt the nations, destroy religion, kill off the ppl (through abortion & euthanizing the elderly) , indoctrinate the children to go against their parents & the elderly, in order to gain total control over the nation!! Time for the American ppl to STOP THE DEMOCRAT elitist, kkk, Antifa, slavery induced, Racist, dictator PARTY!! Time to VOTE REPUBLICAN2020, VOTE TRUMP2020, to regain your freedom of choice & equality! Time to disband/defund the Democrat party for good, for the same reasons their democrat leader statues are being brought down!

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