Is Antifa a Terrorist Organization? Trump Thinks So

They cover their faces so they can’t be identified, then violently protest against whatever and whomever they don’t like, often destroying private property and sometimes attacking people with fists, pipes, and whatever else they have at hand.

President Trump has had enough.  On Saturday he tweeted:

Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others). Would make it easier for police to do their job!

While the designation might sound good, it might not change anything.  Labeling the group as a terrorist organization would bring federal powers to bear whenever there was an incident, but that won’t stop protests from turning violent.

For that, something else has to happen.  The local police must do their job.

From Portland, Oregon to college campuses across the country, AntiFa and other leftwing demonstrators have been allowed to run wild, damaging property, intimidating people, and from time to time assaulting people, all in the name of free “speech.”

When the police begin enforcing the law, the cowards wills top breaking it.


  1. Yes it is and it is supported by the Democrats. That in itself says, the Democrats must be removed from the Congress of the United States. We can no longer condone these actions and it must be stopped immediately. The Democrats have proven themselves to be an EVIL bunch of people and we cannot have their kind in Government. They are hell bent on destroying President Trump and all Americans who stand with him. It is time to get tough and really show them who is boss. It is the hard working American people and we are fed up.

  2. Yes, it is. Artifa should be against fascist but they are racist, bigots and tyrants. Everything a fascist is. They are a domestic terror group. Their ideology is like a lot of the Democratic congressional members. For example Maxine Waters who encouraged Democrats to use force or whatever it takes to undermine the Republicans. Compared to them our President Trumps is a lamb.

  3. Appropriate action should be taken against any individual that is commiting assault and destroying property. Coming to a protest with your face covered you should be arrested immediately.

  4. I agree with the reaction to Antifa or MS13 – if they dress like terrorists and act like terrorist they need to be treated like the terrorists they are. Jail time or better yet , drop them in the terrorists countries,dust off our hands,clean out our neighborhoods and save our innocent people caught in their violence. Be done with them.

    • I agree with you 150%, further more, if the police fail to protect the citizen, it obviously came with orders from the Major or the Chief of police. They are guilty of a severe crime and I don’t care if they are elected, they forget what they were elected to do.

  5. Any one who covers their faces and assault any person during a reporter or an innocent participant, is indeed a TERRORISTS, and the major or the people who did nothing to protect that person or as guilty as members of Antifa or MS13. They should be charged with a crime, of failing in protecting the citizens, and forfeit their salary.

  6. If you want to shut Antifa down, name them a domestic terrorist group and outlaw the wearing of a mask to a demonstration. The thugs of Antifa want to wear masks because they intend to be violent and they really don’t want to be identified. Whenever these thugs pounce, there are always movies taken of the melee. These pictures aren’t of any value, because the criminals are all wearing masks and can’t easily be identified. Finally, when the “demonstration” is over and if laws were broken, throw the book at the thugs who created the violence. Identifying the criminals and then sending them home is never going to stop, or even slow down, the crime spree.


  8. Antifa is a terrorist group and so is the group of four working in our government. Who voted them in and how was it allowed? There,s nothing dumber having your enemies working in your government. I don,t understand, maybe someone else does.

  9. of course they are. anyone/group funded by Soros to commit assaults on anyone is a terrorist especially cowards who cover up their faces and only attack something they know wont fight back….come to my town and we’ll see how brave they are.

  10. Antifa is a terrorist group and so is the group four…the group
    of four is the enemy with in just like what we had in the WH for
    for eight years.

  11. This is what a communist takeover of a nation looks like. Groups like antifa are the textbook definition of the useful idiot. The globalists (or communists) have one goal in mind. To steal your money via the tax system. That’s what schemes like climate change are all about. Just ask the French people. They were all for climate change until it hit them right in the face at the gas pump. You know the rest of the story.

    The fact is the globalists are trying to kill you. They want the world to themselves. Their the epitome of evil. Part of their plan is to raise the cost of living so high that you have no choice but to move into the street. That’s why you’re seeing so many homeless now. And more and more everyday.

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