Irish Men Bypass Closed Pubs by Booking Cheap Flights They Never Take and Drinking at Airport

Well, the title pretty much says it all.

You have to hand it to the Irish, they get pretty creative when you take away what they call their “vitamins.”

A group of Irish men who often drink together was thwarted by lockdown measures that shut down pubs and barred people from gathering in homes. However, airports were considered essential services, so they remained open.

Seeing an opportunity, the men booked 9.99 euro flights, drove to the airport, went through security, then availed themselves of the bars. 

It was all legal, but now the word is out. Apparently booking flights you don’t intend to take breaks some sort of airport or transportation rule.

While the jig is up, these Irish lads definitely get hat tips for creativity!

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Comments (1)

  1. frances

    Simple enough, take the flight, drink in the pub at the other end as well. Problem solved.

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