Iran Runs Malware Aimed at Citizens and Others

Well, when you’re a paranoid extremist regime bent on killing entire nations, what’s the harm in a little spying?

Israeli software firm Check Point reported that Iran is running two surveillance operations in cyber-space, targeting more than 1,000 dissidents domestically and in 12 other countries, including the U.S.

Through two companies, the nation installs spyware on targets’ PCs and mobile devices and then steals call recordings and media files.

One of the groups, known as Domestic Kitten or APT-50, is accused of tricking people into downloading malicious software on to mobile phones by a variety of means including:

  • repackaging an existing version of an authentic video game found on the Google Play store
  • mimicking an app for a restaurant in Tehran
  • offering a fake mobile-security app
  • providing a compromised app that publishes articles from a local news agency
  • supplying an infected wallpaper app containing pro-Islamic State imagery
  • masquerading as an Android application store to download further software

The software can:

  • record calls and other sounds
  • track the device’s location
  • collect device identifiers,
  • grab text messages and call logs
  • steal media files, including videos and photos,
  • obtain a list of other installed applications
  • steal files from external storage
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