Hunter Biden to Step Down from Chinese Company at Month’s End

Responding to withering criticism from President Trump, Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden issued a statement through his lawyer that he will step down from his work with a Chinese investment firm at the end of the month.

The younger Biden’s work for foreign companies is at the center of the Ukraine phone call situation, which is fueling the current impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

President Trump suggested Ukraine should investigate the odd circumstances where then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid from the Ukraine unless the government fired a prosecutor who, among other things, was looking into a company that employed Hunter Biden and paid him handsomely.

Instead of backing down after many called out President Trump for asking a foreign country to investigate a political rival, Trump noted in public that the Chinese should also look into Hunter Biden’s dealings.

Hunter Biden declared he wouldn’t work with any foreign firms if his father is elected president.  Perhaps he’s hoping for a position in the new administration.

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Comments (9)

  1. John Stuczynski

    Did not know Hunter was on the Board of a Chinese company. I wonder how he got that position. Probably goes back to the time his father was VP.

    • Juan

      It does John (go back to his father being VP)…the Chinese were BUYING INFLUENECE when they ‘hired’ this druggie loser….

  2. Rodger Shull

    and with a HUGE BACK ACCOUNT and money packed in his pockets, he not hurt , he is relieved, now his hands are some what washed, so he will think, but with some luck this will come back to bite him and bite him hard enough to break the skin and draw blood,

  3. Kurt Walker

    If ‘Ol Joe can threaten to withhold aid that way, for reasons he admitted, as Vice President, he should be able to really raise hell as president, LOL

  4. buz

    Big deal Biden’s son leaves his Chinese buddies….that does not mean he will lose any of his pay or investment. He will still be part of the company just not sitting in his office

  5. tinytim

    Hunter Biden should be investigated any way even if his father didn’t become president

    • Juan

      If Joe Biden was a Republican…Hunter would be in JAIL….they are both CORRUPT….

  6. R. H.

    The Bidens BOTH Need a very thorough investigation – and punishent ( Jail Time ) , IF APPROPRIATE !
    THEN they should totally DROP OUT of politics AND VANISH !

  7. Jim Simoncelli

    Joe is doing what most of the bums in Washington continue to do. They enter elected office (broke) under the premise of public service only to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of lost jobs, closed factories for the people they were suppose to represent. Joe’s millions and Hunter’s millions only confirms corruption that exist in Washington. I hate to think Joe sold us out, but I woould like to know what the Chineese received in return.

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