How Far Is Too Far When Selling Girl Scout Cookies?

Every parent of a girl scout wants to give their daughter a leg up in the cut-throat world where entrepreneurship is rewarded with cherished pins and badges.

But when you are a top official at a large government agency, there are rules about just how far you can go to stack the deck.

Adam Blalock, a deputy secretary at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, found that out on Friday, when he sent an email to 500 employees asking them to chip in for some Thin Mints or Caramel deLites.

“As you’re heading into the weekend, if anyone is in need of a Girl Scout cookie fix, you can go to the below link to purchase as much as you need… if you are here in Tallahassee my daughter can come deliver them at DEP,” he wrote in the email.

Unfortunately for his ploy, state ethics laws prohibit public officials from using their office to obtain a “special privilege, benefit or exemption.”

The agency’s explanation for the snafu was “miscommunication,” leading to Blalock’s understanding that he had the green light to pressure his underlings to buy some boxes of their favorite flavors.

In addition to pins, scouts can win prizes including the top prize, a trip to Savannah, Georgia.

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