How Does a Priest Bless Isolated Families in a Rural Area? With a Crop Duster, Of Course!

Rev. Matthew Barzaere, the parish priest at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Abbeville, Louisiana, has a problem. He has about 200 families in his parish, but they’re very spread out in the rural area. This year for the annual Christmas blessing, he decided to do something different.

The Reverend took his blessing to them by spraying 100 gallons of holy water on the area through a low-flying crop-duster.

Members of the congregation loaded the holy water onto the plane after verifying that all the pesticide had been flushed. Then Barzaere instructed the pilot to concentrate on areas where people gather, such as stores and schools.

Barzaere said:

“It’s an isolated parish and this was a way of bringing people together at the holidays. I have a large area to cover, we measure it by the numbers of families rather than square footage.”

The process drew rave reviews, so Barzare intends to make it a Christmas tradition for his 200-family parish, next year with three times the amount of water.

Maybe we should enlist churches around the country to load up crop dusters and we can bless the entire nation. We could use it.

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Comments (1)

  1. Valerie L Puu

    Yes please get them to do the whole nation. Especially DC.

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