Rep. Greene Thinks Jews Used Laser to Start California Wild Fires, Yet McCarthy Won’t Taker Her Off Committees

When people hold up their crazy card, it’s our job to see it. If we don’t look, well, we deserve what we get.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed some “interesting” views in the past.

She wondered if a mass school shooting in Florida was a false flag event, where authorities stage a terrible event to gain support for something like gun control, she denied that terrorists flew a plane into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and she supported the view that some California wildfires were started by a sun-powered laser in space controlled by a Jewish family.

Greene is free to think what she wants, and her constituents are free to elect her. But the leadership in the House of Representatives is also free to sideline Greene, and anyone else on either side of the aisle, from making important decisions about the direction of the country.

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) chose not to remove Greene from committee assignments.  Instead, he condemned her previous statements and demanded she apologize.

Yep, that’ll do it. Apologies always fix things like space lasers.

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Comments (12)

  1. lewie


  2. Woodie thompson

    Green admitted her mistakes and apologized ! Besides this all happened years before she was elected! I haven’t heard one democrat apologize for anything !, is that say they have nothing to apologize for ? I beg to differ. We all know better from Schiff to swolwell to Nadler to Schumer to Pelosi or any of a dozen others show me one big e nough. To. Apoogize. I’ll wait while you scour the records !

  3. Sigmund Silber

    She certainly has said some crazy things but if not assigned to any committees it is a slap to the face of those in Georgia who voted for her.

    It made sense for McCarthy to let the Democrats handle this. They are in the majority.

    This Jew does not approve of the attacks on her.

    I am more concerned about people like John Kerry.

  4. mgv

    While her theories seem completely off the wall, my issue is this, Does she act on them or only talk about them? Likewise after the election Fiasco who’s to say whats real and what isn’t anymore, and lets not forget Trump saying he was being bugged only to discover, OH he was.
    Trump used to tweet a lot but what he said and what he did and his accomplishments created the perception of two different people. I have to say to remove Greene from a committee in which apparently everyone would outvote her seems petty. Oh to removing some demeocrats off of say the impeachment committee?
    This is all such McCarthyism from the 50’s everyone is running around terrified their meal ticket is going to get shortchanged if they stand up for anything conservative.

  5. Toto246

    Stop lying she didn’t say Jews did that ..for once tried to tell the TRUTH

  6. bea

    So there are those in CCongress whose rants are far more dangerous who are not held to same level. Those who are currently participating and vocalizing.

  7. Hopiter

    Her comments are no more outrageous than those of our Muslim reps, Tlieb and Omar who have repeatedly said things about Jews that are lies and many many in American comments. Those two should be removed from their committees as well. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Robert Richey

      Amen Hopiter! I love a person that’s not afraid of the pukes in DC government. Her pay stays the same whether they have her on committees or not, of course, she won’t be in a position to accept payola like all of the ones who are millionaires

  8. Burton Pauly

    rep. Greene is free t o have her beliefs. And a lot of folks agree with her.

  9. Colc

    First, there are a lot of people who believed that a plane did not hit the Pentagon, mostly radical liberals. I will dispel that myth, my stepfather worked there, in that part of the bldg, fortunately many were not there because they were renovating the area. My parents went there and saw the parts of the jet that hit the Pentagon, my stepfather said that it absolutely was a plane, and he lost two people he knew, that worked there. Second, lasers can be used to start fires, and there’s sattellite evidence that suggest it’s possible, the point is, its absolutely possible. It’s all about discrediting Greene because she believes that the election fraud is real.


    So, if you are just a justice warrior you would dig into someone’s past(years ago) and and try to dox them? I’d call you a south side bigot. It’s called free speech! Yet, the south side bigotry cant accept the idea that someone can have an opinion that doesn’t fit your utopian idea. Well get use to it because freedom of speech it isn’t going away. Be it something ridiculous or factual it’s called freedom of choice in free speech. Airborne

  11. Mike

    Would love to see Omar (some people did something {9-11}) and AOC relieved of their offices.

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