Honolulu Sues Oil Companies; Maybe It Should Live Without Them

Almost, if not every, person who traveled to Honolulu in the past hundred years got there by using fossil fuel. From jet fuel to bunker fuel (used on ships), petroleum has propelled people and goods to the city and the islands in general, vastly changing the area from desolate outposts to a tourism mecca.

But Honolulu is having none of it. Citing climate change and rising water levels, the city filed a lawsuit against eight petroleum companies, claiming they’ve hidden the known effects of their products from the public.

Josh Stanbro, chief resilience officer and executive director for the City and County of Honolulu Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency (yes, that’s his real title), said:

“We are seeing in real time coastal erosion and the consequences.”

Heatwaves, rising water, droughts, you name it, it’s all because of the petroleum companies. Nevermind that NOAA data shows tide levels around Honolulu rose a scant six inches over the 20th century.

But if they’re going to sue the fossil fuel companies, they should at least do their part and swear off fossil fuel. No more tourists, no more supplies, no more military, no more products made with fossil fuels such as plastics, cars, phones, televisions, building materials. clothing, etc.

When they make that commitment, and live by it, maybe we’ll pay attention.

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