Hong Kong Tycoon Wants to Build Autonomous City in Ireland for 50,000 Hong Kong Expats

But will they sing O Danny Boy?

Hong Kong property tycoon Ivan Ko has a great idea as to where Hong Kong residents can move to escape the new, draconian security laws… a brand new city in Ireland.

Ko has a grand plan to build an autonomous city covering 500 square kilometers between Belfast and Dublin for up to 500,000 Hong Kong migrants. The land is within driving distance of several airports and close to the Northern Ireland border, which would give the relocated residents access to urban life and travel, as well as the U.K. if they wanted to live there. The plan allowed for the area to be self-governed with a different political system and borders.

Ko approached the Irish government about it last December but got a bit of a cold reception.

An Irish department of foreign affairs spokesman said:

“Following an initial approach in December 2019, the department had limited contact with the individuals involved to provide helpful and realistic guidance about Ireland. Since providing this guidance there has been no further action taken by the department in this matter.”

With the Irish not too keen on hosting an autonomous region with a separate government, Ko shifted gears a bit. He’s now pared it down to a new city of just 50 square kilometers for 50,000 residents, but schools will teach in Cantonese. He’s even picked a name, Nextopolis.

Maybe Nextopolis will have Irish Pubs where residents sing O Danny Boy... in Cantonese.

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