Hmm… Is it Child Neglect to Leave 2-Year-Old with 10-Year-Old? Mom Got Arrested


This doesn’t sound right.

Acting on a tip, Liberty Township, Ohio, officers found a 10-year-old girl and her two-year-old sister in a room at the Motel Six after 6 p.m. The older child said that her mother was at work and expected her to be back by 10 p.m. Mom Shaina Bell was found working at a pizza shop and told officers that she usually has someone check in on her children every hour while she is at work.

Bell pleaded not guilty and is now free on bail after a hearing in Girard Municipal Court.

Did you babysit other kids when you were 10-years-old, or did you leave your kids with a 10-year-old sitter? That age is a bit young, but if you don’t have good options, does this really rise to the level of child endangerment?

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Comments (12)

  1. Ernst

    When I was 10 I watched over younger siblings while my parents were out for hours. Never a problem. Must be some personal or political hostility.

  2. Karen

    I started babysitting full time in the summer weekends overnight when I was 9 years old and I babysat 2 kids at 10yrs old and 3 at 11. I think depending upon the childs level of ability I see nothing wrong with it

  3. deb

    according to the maturity level, actual experience and parental trust and need, NO this is not child neglect or endangerment. The mother is working to take care of her children and that is not enough??????????? I was blessed. Not everyone has a hard working sacrificing man, who can afford to care so much about his family that he keeps them well, homeschooled and in no need. She was doing the very best she could in a bad situation, she did not need the government stepping in and making the situation worse.

  4. Sandra S Aleman

    Many responsible children of ten or less are more capable of child care than a huge number of adults. My nine year old took over very capably when I was hospitalized and her father had to transport me hundreds of miles, both to and from. Many older siblings handle the daily care of their younger ones.

  5. Vicki

    I was babysitting for a neighbor when I was 10 years old. It is not child endangerment when someone is checking in on them. Single moms don’t always have options. Also, children that are raised by single moms are, as a rule, more responsible than kids that have two parents. Law enforcement and the judicial system need to consider each case. It is unfair to judge everyone alike, because every situation is different.

  6. Lumpy Rutherford

    When I was 10, I was assigned to watch my younger siblings when my parents went shopping. They told us where they’d be, and if an emergency arose we could call the store (cell phones were 40 years away), and have them paged. I already knew in a medical emergency to first call a hospital. My siblings were 9 and 6…

  7. Michigan Mom

    How much does Mom make an hour? Probably not enough to be able to care for her family and pay a sitter. It isn’t unusual for older siblings to watch younger ones. Now Mom will have to pay legal fees and or fines and who know what else. Great job. Isn’t there anyone in the world with an ounce of common sense anymore?

  8. jimdaddy

    When I was 7 mt parents left me at home while they went honky tonking, I really never wanted to go with!

  9. kacy white

    It depends upon the maturity of the 10 year old child and if they have an emergency checklist in place!! Also the Entire family environment, is their healthy food items available, gas the child been taught home safety, a list of chores to follow, a strict routine to follow etc!??? EMERGENCY NUMBERS AND EXACT PROTOCOL THAT SHE UNDERSTANDS AND CAN VERBALLY EXPLAIN TO ADULTS.. as a single mom with 3 boys and no child support: I gad to work and RARELY, leave my oldest in charge but he was 14 before he was mature enough for this! I called every hour to question stays as well as had a neighbor checking in.. but to Punish a working mom for trying to Survive it’s CRIMINAL TO ARREST HER IF THE CHILDREN WERE HEALTHY AND CAPABLE AND SAFE!!

  10. Ozzie

    She was trying to support herself and her children by working instead of going on welfare…..kudos for her….👍😍😎

    Who was that heartless bastard that reported this….😩😰😰😡😡

  11. Curtis Allen Rowell

    Depends upon the child. There are adults I wouldn’t leave a child with – case in point, the dipshit currently holding the Whitehouse hostage.

  12. Bruce Burns

    My wife is Japanese and in Japan this is done all the time. It is a matter of course. And kids much younger than 10 were taking care of little brothers
    and sisters. My son who is 32 now was taking care of the younger ones maybe at 6 or 7. People have different cultures. We can learn from each other.
    Sometimes judgements ca be too harsh.

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