Helsinki Airport Uses Dogs to Sniff Out COVID-19…Why Aren’t We?

Really? Northern Europeans have found that man’s best friend can be trained to identify COVID-19 in an instant and we’re still working on labs and testing infrastructure? Who wouldn’t want a few dogs in their school/office/church?

A recent French study found that dogs can be trained to detect with 95% accuracy the difference between the sweat of healthy people and those infected with COVID-19. Now, the Helsinki airport is putting this knowledge into practice. The pilot program uses a wipe for every passenger that’s placed into a cup and then, in a separate booth, sniffed by a dog trained to make a physical sign if the disease is present.

The passengers and dogs never interact, and the process takes less than one minute.

Another recent German study found that dogs can do the same thing with saliva.

And researchers at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Helsinki say their dogs could detect COVID-19 with a similar level of certainty – “almost 100 percent”, according to Finavia’s announcement of the scheme.

Veterinarian Anna Hielm-Björkman of the University of Helsinki said

“The dogs have identified cancer and other diseases in the past, but we have been surprised at how much easier it is for the dogs to spot corona.”

The process is quick, painless, and highly accurate. But best of all, it involves dogs.

Maybe we’ve been making all of this way too complicated.

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