Harvard Nutrition Professor Claims Keto Dieters Killing the Planet

If you like bacon, butter, and red meat, you’re part of the problem, according to Dr. Walter Willett, a nutrition professor at Harvard.

And if you’re on the keto diet, then you’re among the worst offenders.

Keto dieters try to severely limit their intake of carbohydrates, replacing them with fats, hoping to move the body to a state of ketosis where it burns fat.  Keto diets are typically heavy in meat, particularly red meat, which is a problem for Willett.

The professor notes that there aren’t enough animals on the planet to sustain everyone eating this way, and an increase in meat and dairy products requires committing more land and water to animals. Not to mention the methane issue with cows.

Instead, Willett suggests people follow the diets of those in Greece or Israel, which typically include lots of vegetables and don’t require the same resources as animals.

Willett said:

“We’re racing down a path that is going to lead to destruction of viable environments over the next hundred years or so, and we have to get off that path.  That means limiting substantially — not totally eliminating — but greatly reducing our consumption of red meat and dairy foods.”

It doesn’t appear that many people are listening.  The market for keto-friendly foods is growing rapidly, and is expected to exceed $12 billion by 2024 as people pile into more meat and expensive items like butter from grass-fed cows.


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