Gun Store Owner Gifts AR-14 to Auto Worker Who Questioned Biden About 2nd Amendment

Everyone has seen the video, or at least heard about the incident. A young autoworker recently questioned Joe Biden about his intention to end the Second Amendment while the candidate was touring a Fiat/Chrysler auto plant.  Biden told the autoworker, “You’re full of sh#t!”, and then told him he doesn’t need an AR-14.

The young man didn’t back down, and stuck with his line of questioning about confiscating weapons, at which point Biden said, “Don’t be such a horse’s a$$.”

The video of the exchange went viral, making Biden a better candidate in the eyes of many who support gun control, but also making the young autoworker, Jerry Wayne, a bit of a folk hero.

Dan Warner, owner of Next Level Armament in Jenison, MI, said he was having a beer with a friend who said he wanted to buy Wayne a beer.  Warner replied that he wanted to buy Wayne an AR-14. So Warner reached out to Wayne over social media and eventually delivered to him an engraved AR-14, complete with a drawing of Biden and the quote, “You’re full of sh#t!”

About why he bought Wayne the weapon, Warner said:

“Biden’s in his face, it’s hostile, and yet he stood his ground. I wanted him to have some token of appreciation so he could tell his grandkids about the day he stood up to Joe Biden.”

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