Black Lives Matter Protesters Attack Statue in… Greenland?

It’s ironic that Greenland is covered in ice, and Iceland has a lot of green space because of the thermals.

Now there’s another head-scratcher about the Arctic. On Sunday, vandals used red paint to write the word “decolonize” on a statue of Danish-Norwegian colonizer, Hans Egede, a missionary whose arrival in Greenland in 1721 marked the beginning of the island’s colonial era, in Greenland’s capital Nuuk. It’s not about Black lives, this is about the indigenous Inuit. But the timing of the vandalism coincides with Black Lives Matter protests in several countries in the Western world.

Pictures of the vandalized statue posted on social media drew hundreds of mostly approving comments.

Paninnguaq Lind Jensen, who runs a traditional Inuit tattoo shop in Nuuk, wrote on Facebook:

“Inuit are constantly silenced and never given the opportunity to process the traumas that have been passed down for generations.”

What makes this interesting is that the entire population of Greenland is just 56,000 people, about the size of a medium town in the U.S. The country is a Danish colony, but was granted self-rule in 2009. The majority of the population favor independence, but the small nation remains economically dependent on Denmark. So apparently they favor decolonization, but not too fast.

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  1. Tania Klein

    From the fridge into the freezer and the frying pan into the fire.

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