Biblical Plague? Grasshoppers Inundate Las Vegas

By the millions, grasshoppers are descending on Las Vegas, drawn to the sky beam of light emanating from the 30-story Pyramid at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.  The parallels to one of the biblical plagues, pyramids and all, is hard to miss.

The hordes have disrupted weather radar and ruined vacations as the bugs fly into people’s clothing and gather at doorways.

But scientists say not to worry.  They’re grasshoppers, after all, not locusts.  They don’t bite, and this is perfectly normal, it occurs every few years as a result of wetter than usual weather.

Attracted to ultra-violet light, the insects have been clustering around the city’s brightly lit tourist district, a concentration of resort hotels and casinos along The Strip.

While tourists and locals alike must simply wait out the traveling swarms, there is something they can do… turn off the lights.  The bugs are attracted to ultraviolet light, which is part of the white light spectrum, and explains why our parents had yellow porch lights.  They didn’t want to attract pests.

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