Governors Fight Over Christmas Tree in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin puts up a tree in the capitol every year.  At Christmas.  With Decorations.

The tree was called a Christmas Tree until 1985, when they changed the name to a Holiday Tree, even though it still went up only at Christmas and it still held decorations with Christmas themes of peace, joy, and other things, and not memorials of battles or other holidays.

In 2011, then-Governor Scott Walker renamed the “tree-put-up-at-Christmas-but-called-something-else” a Christmas Tree. It seemed fitting.

But current Governor Tony Evers is having none of it.  Evers renamed the tree a Holiday Tree, and then went a step further.  He asked school children to make ornaments for the tree as they always do, but this time he instructed them to make decorations celebrating science and showing what science means to them and their families.

Evers suggested areas such as clean energy, but these are school children.  They’re likely to make small iPhones, hoverboards, and drones to hang on the tree.  The items will signify scientific advances, and also act as subliminal prompts of what the kids want for… Christmas.

Former Governor Scott Walker was irate with the change, and tweeted a very Wisconsin-like taunt to Evers.

Walker posted a picture of a Christmas tree in a living room, accompanied by the tweet:

This is a Christmas Tree that is used by people celebrating Christmas 🎄 This is not a holiday tree.

It’s not exactly a stinging rebuke, but maybe that passes as insulting in Wisconsin.

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