Government Sends 1.1 Million Stimulus Checks to Dead People

In a hurry to get money in people’s hands, the U.S. government sent stimulus checks to more than a million dead people… but did they spend it?

On a serious note, the payments totaled about $1.4 billion out of more than $275 billion already distributed, and 1.1 million payments out of 160 million payments made. On the money side, that’s a 0.51% error rate, and on the distribution side, that’s a 0.68% error rate.

That’s not bad, and it gets better.

The government knows it sent money to dead people. It figured it out, which means we have a shot at getting some chunk of that cash back, which will lower the error rate even more.

So while it makes a good joke to say that the government sent cash to people who’d already kicked the bucket, and the numbers are big enough to catch our attention, in perspective it’s more efficient than it sounds.

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Comments (4)

  1. Cathy Arrington

    What about all the stimulus checks that got returned to the Treasury Department because people had new addresses and USPS were told not to forward stimulus checks? Those billions of dollars should factor in somewhere. Nobody is talking about that and nobody knows how to get these checks resent to current address if they won’t acknowledge forwarding addresses with the USPS. This happened to me and my husband along with many others.

  2. J Day

    If it knows they sent out cheques to dead people, why did they do it?
    But more importantly, how much of the dead persons cheques were actually cashed/returned?

  3. malady

    1.1 Billion is not chump change by any means, the Government is the IRS, so who is not doing their job? We are taxpayers and deserve better than this. What about the people that received checks that were college students as well. Isn’t it time that there is an audit due from places like the IRS, and the Government and their spending? Shouldn’t the Government be held responsible for their spending? and their actions?

  4. Robert Funke

    So, how come we can’t find out where the $500B Mnuchin has his mitts on that was due to go to small businesses?
    Why hasn’t any of that money been spent to deal with the COVID-19, which has an extraordinary impact on small businesses?

    This maladministration is like a Greek tragedy, we sit through it, wondering if it could get any worse, (it has and can go deeper), then the curtain falls and the stage is exposed of being made of cheap .25″ pine and someone left a cigarette burning, there’s only one exit and Trump’s fat ass is blocking the only route of egress.

    People are dying, when there is no need. Other countries have cut COVID-19 to minimal levels. If you are stupid enough not to wear a somewhat unsightly mask; please put something on to cover the stupid. Trust me, most people wouldn’t give you a second glance anyway.

    DO NOT listen to Trump, he’s an idiot with the best health care in the world, you don’t have squat, and now the R’s are trying to take that away! You get to die, Trump goes on. We’re in sad shape.

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