Google Might Track People To Slow Spread of Virus: Do You Believe Their Privacy Claims?

Alphabet’s Google is looking at different ways it can use location services to slow the spread of covid-19.

A Google representative said:

“This work would follow our stringent privacy protocols and would not involve sharing data about any individual’s location, movement, or contacts.”

The statement wasn’t totally convincing.

In a letter to Michael Kratsios, the White House’s chief technology officer, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) cited a Washington Post report that said the government had discussions with Inc, Apple Inc , Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google, IBM Corp and other tech companies to discuss potentially using smartphone location data as a research tool as the virus spreads in the United States.

Concerned, Markey wrote:

“We need assurances that collection and processing of these types of information, even if aggregated and anonymized, do not pose safety and privacy risks to individuals.”

He asked the government to describe how the data would be collected, anonymized and stored, who would have access to it and which companies were involved in the effort.

The problem is, even if they told us, “No, your information won’t be stored and potentially shared,”  who would believe them?

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Comments (7)

  1. Marianne

    Anything that will stop the virus I’ll vote for. As for privacy, we gave that up a while ago.

  2. Thomas

    I would rather let Hitler tack me than google. I would already know the devil had my information.

  3. tom

    When has the govt. (google assoc.) told the truth about not keeping information of people!

  4. Sandra Stowe

    Not just no, but HE’LL NO! Google can’t stop a VIRUS by tracking people! What comic book are they trying to emulate ?

  5. Jeannie

    No, I do not trust them to protect my privacy or personal information. That is a tremendous amount of information to safe guard. I may be a little paranoid but would not like them tracking me. I think it would feel like I was being stalked and in actuality I would be.

  6. TE Mckissack

    My BS alarm is going crazy !
    Google misuse our data ?
    They will do anything for a profit.
    Selling or misusing data is a drop in the bucket compared to what evil they are prepared to do !

  7. Paul Fishman

    What is this? Is Google becoming the new De Facto NSA – The National Spy Agency just as corrupt as the Deep State? Are they going to use our personal information to create a fake Dossier against us? Is Google going to be like the terrorist spy Chris Steele organizing our data against us in an illegal way? This is the New investigation against us just like they have done to President Trump.

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