Google Still Tracking You, But Cuts Cookies for Other Companies

It’s a partial win for privacy, but just barely.

Alphabet’s Google announced that within two years it will block companies in its Chrome browser from connecting cookies to websites they don’t own.  If you use Google Chrome and you visit Walmart, then Walmart can still use cookies, but third parties such as advertising firms can’t connect to you through Walmart’s site.

The goal is to reduce the amount of personal information sent through the internet.  The move is welcome, but not cutting edge, and not universal.

Google 2020 (or 2022, when it gets implemented) equates to Apple 2017, when that company stopped third party cookies on its Safari browser. And Google, which also doesn’t own or operate the sites you visit, will still collect tons of information about you as you browse.

Third parties place cookies on millions of sites and then sell the data they collect to digital advertisers.

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