Say Goodbye to Loud and Fast Camaros and Diesel Trucks; GM Plans To Be All-Electric by 2035

GM has a goal, no matter what it’s clients think.

The company said Thursday it was setting a goal to sell all its new cars, SUVS and light pickup trucks with zero tailpipe emissions by 2035.

While some people buy electric vehicles (EVs), the number isn’t large. Tesla sold several hundred thousand electric vehicles in the U.S. last year, along with some in Europe and Asia. GM sold 2.55 million vehicles in the United States last year, but only about 20,000 were EVs.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra has aggressively pushed the automaker internally to embrace electric vehicles and shift away from gasoline-powered vehicles. She said in a statement the automaker had worked with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), an environmental advocacy group, to “develop a shared vision of an all-electric future and an aspiration to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2035”.

GM’s move dovetails with plans by the state of California to limit new car sales after 2034 to EVs.

This is reminiscent of something. There was that healthcare “thing” years ago where someone said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”  This sort of feels like, “If you like your car, you can keep your car.”  The words sound nice, but do you trust them?

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Comments (8)

  1. Christiana

    I guess GM plans on being out of business.

    • M Davidson

      Totally out of Business

  2. Allan C Bernard


  3. Lyle R. Rolfe

    If GM says goodby to gas engines, then get ready to say goodbye to GM. I’m sure I will be pushing up daisies by the time they go to all electric, so I don’t have to worry, But those of you that will still be around, have fun trying to find a quick charge when you run out of gas (sorry, I meant electric), in the heat of summer or the cold of winter at midnight in the middle of who knows where?. They brag about how far they can go on a full charge, but how about in the cold of winter when you are running the heater, defrosters, lights, radio etc. or on the hottest days when the AC is running in place of the warm air? Oh well, you can always carry a spare can of electricity in the trunk for those times, right?

  4. Randall Gupton

    guess i’ll be driving something other than Government Motors then

    • William Burke

      Driving? If you’re allowed to go anywhere you’ll be in a self-driving vehicle. If travel is allowed at all.

  5. Roger H Hornaday

    I have been buying Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups for years, but will start buying another brand in the future. Goodbye GM!

  6. Patrick Tinnes

    They are all going electric, we should have started a LONG time ago.

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