Girl Scouts Go ‘Where The Customers Are’: Sell Cookies Outside Marijuana Shop

It makes perfect sense.

The state of Illinois legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in January, and racked up about $30 million in pot revenue in the first month. Seeing an opportunity, an enterprising Girl Scout troop set up their tables outside a dispensary in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago to sell their iconic cookies. Pot has a reputation of giving users the munchies, and what’s a better snack than a handful of Girl Scout cookies?

The dispensary’s marketing and outreach manager Abigail Watkins said:

“The cookies they’re selling and our clientele, it’s a great match. As a former Girl Scout, I admire the hustle.”

While the national Girl Scout organization didn’t comment, it’s clear the troop was popular. The dispensary has already booked them to come back and sell their cookies at the location in February.

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