Get Ready for New Climate Disaster Terms Intended To ‘Persuade’ You

Face it, you’re simply not doing your part to end human-created climate change… at least, that’s the view of many politicians, climate alarmists, climate scientists, non-climate scientists, and, apparently, advertising executives.

To help you get on the band wagon, Aaron Hall, Group director of naming at global brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale is trying to come up with some new names that might grab your attention and motivate you to take action.

Hall is a professional “namer” who works with companies to create attention-getting names for products and services. In an article for AdAge, he writes that the old names for human-induce climate issues just don’t work.

Global warming gets thrown out the window when the weather turns cold.  Plus, as Hall mentions, there are times when it gets colder.  That led people to “climate change,” which lost its punch because most people agree the climate changes.  The fight is about why, how much, and what, if anything, people can or should do about it.  Clearly that’s not going to work.  According to Hall, we need fighting words.

We need a name or phrase that everyone on the planet can grasp or to which they can relate.  The words need to be understandable to regular “folks” who don’t go for all that scientific jargon.  He and his team put their heads together, and came up with a few alternatives.

On the short list are Global Meltdown, Global Melting, Climate Chaos, and Climate Collapse, Boiling Point, Melting Point, Scorched Earth, Emission Critical, Planet Critical, Pre-Extinction, The Great Collapse, and Earth Shattering.

They’re great terms for his purpose, but Hall seems to be missing a key issue for many people.  The words imply abrupt and unsustainable conditions, akin to the end of life as we know it, when that’s not what people see happening around them.  Who will people believe, an ad man creating new terms, or their own eyes?



  1. I don’t throw my trash into the brooks, streams, rivers or oceans. I don’t burn asphalt, tires or man made items. I don’t test nuclear weapons or release refrigerants into the air. Common sense I tend to hold on to. The Earth goes through cycles and those cycles can swing temperatures warming/cooling every 80/120 years. Our atmosphere has layers, like your own skin, the layers shed (thin and re-build) naturally. When these cycles sway in one direction or the other, more or less ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate, giving a more warming or cooling effect. Enough said. My seminar begins in May of 2020 thru August at $10,000.00 per attendee. Watch for your local listings.

  2. This is a game for either fools or scam artists. The climate hoax is only a moneymaker. Old saying “Follow the money” and you will find what and why things are being done! People have very short memories, does anyone remember when the climate hoaxers were caught changing the numbers to match the agenda? Or when weather stations were placed next to AC units in the UK? These fools have lied so much and stolen so much money that they make the Clintons envious!

    • Its scam artists, a.k.a. our government. We are being systematically lied to from more than one side. This is their method for the beginning of control. You see, when you can control water, or other items that most folks hold dear, those in control feel they can then step in and till those nice folks, we are here from the government and we are here to help. I say hogwash. Its a bunch of lies.

  3. Names and phrases, changing words to inflect a different meaning, re-writing history, deleting certain segments of history. This is a Liberal/Democrat extravaganza.

  4. Wow, we know that there are small but steady climate changes – warmer and then cooler (not hotter and then colder); most of the real causes are not even anthropogenic. Resorting to emotional terminology is an extremely disingenuous and dishonest technique to resort to for selling lies – a typical New World Order/UN desperate flight to Madison Avenue. The more the Al Gore-type charlatans resort to this approach, the more they will totally turn many of us off (at least the intelligent, educated, informed ones). As Greta Thunberg would say, “How dare they!”

  5. I am still too worried about Y2K and the meltdown of all technology to worry about the for profit climate hysteria.

  6. Those that firmly believe the the man-made cause of climate change will never be convinced otherwise. Every disaster, natural, or man made, has climate change as the culprit. They BELIEVE! it has been so firmly embedded that nothing except reverting to the stone age, but without fire, will solve the problem, make them happy, and save the planet. These idiots never learned science, about the Ice Age and glaciers, the Sun, sun spots and solar cycles and the various atmospheric layers that surround Earth, all contributing to the temperatures on our planet. Where, exactly, is it written that Earth temperatures will always remain withing a given range? Anyone studying the history of planet Earth can easily see that temperature were not always stable and the remnants of the Ice Age, glaciers, proves that out. Earth is not doomed to a catastrophic failure in 10 years, 20, or whenever and especially not in the time frame eminent weather and climate analyst Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez predicts or for that matter, her flunky, Al Gore.

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