Why Not? German Bakery Makes Syringe-Shaped Cakes

When the world hands you lemons…

Schuerner’s Baking Paradise in the German town of Dortmund likes to poke at current events with its baked goods. Early in 2020, when consumers stock-piled toilet paper, the bakery created cakes that looked like rolls of toilet paper. Now they’ve turned their attention to the COVID-19 vaccine by making cakes in the shape of syringes.

While some people are desperate to get vaccinated and others are clear that they will never get the inoculation, most people can agree that a cake in the shape of a syringe can be tasty.

Bakery Owner Tim Kortuem thought he might be stretching good taste to the limit but, so far, clients are on board.

Korteum said:

“First we were a bit sceptical whether it would be a bit too macabre.  But then we did it after all. Because even for anti-vaxxers it’s funny. It is a vaccine without any side effects. And you can come back and get another one because it is so yummy.”

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