Cadillac Unveils Flying Car Because Their Traditional Vehicles Suck


Okay, so that was a bit harsh. But General Motors has struggled for decades to keep its Cadillac brand relevant.

Once the sign that a person had “made it,” the car became a symbol of yesterday’s blue-collar reach for affluence or your grandfather’s car.

Remember, they even tried to make a Cadillac-branded pickup, to no avail. They have had some success with the Escalade, but who are we kidding? It’s a Suburban with bling.

Then GM decided to strip Cadillac inventory out of dealerships and replace vehicles with virtual reality test drives… another flop.

So now we have General Motors showing off its concept Cadillac flying car and electric shuttles during a virtual CES presentation. This is in concert with a new Cadillac battery-powered two-seater.

Let’s hope the new electric vehicle fares better than the Cadillac XLR of the late 2000s, which was called one of the worst sports cars ever.

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Comments (2)


    Although EVs are making up an increasing part of the new vehicle market, I read nothing about the “formerly owned” vehicles, particularly those with batteries that no longer satisfy the owner’s need for reliable transportation. Does a TESLA owner return to the dealer for a battery change or is there an alternative market for battery replacement? How is AI contributing to understanding the utility of EVs and assisting in planning for EV ownership?

    • Informed American

      You can purchase a replacement battery pack for Teslas, Toyotas, Nissans, and other vehicles that make full EV or hybrid cars. They aren’t cheap. Then there’s the question of what happens to the worn out battery.

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