Another Challenger Vies for Republican Nomination: Mark Sanford

It might not be fair to call it a horse race at this point, but now there are three people who want to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2020, including incumbent Donald Trump, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, and former South Carolina Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford.

Sanford, a long-time Trump critic, announced his intention to run over the weekend.

But the two challengers might have a harder time than just beating a seated president who is popular with his base.  The Republican parties in several states have moved to cancel their primaries, which would rob the challengers of the forum necessary to get on the ballot for the main election.

Sanford, 59, a longtime Trump critic, lost his seat in the House of Representatives last year after he was challenged by a Trump supporter in the Republican primary.

Even if the party were to hold primaries in every state, Trump would still be widely expected to win the nomination.

But it does make a good side show.


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