He’s Back! Former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Run For His Old Seat

When Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General after a tumultuous tenure in the Trump White House, he sort of just disappeared. Now he’s re-emerged,ready to rejoin the fight as a reincarnation of his former self.

Sessions said on Thursday he intends to run for his old Senate seat in 2020.

When Trump first appointed Sessions as the Attorney General, Sessions immediately recused himself from the Russia probe, a move the president criticized relentlessly.  The probe turned into a special counsel, which led to the Mueller investigation and report.

After many months of speculation, Sessions resigned, but then he did something unusual. He didn’t run around bad-mouthing the president.

In a statement announcing his Senate bid, Sessions said:

“When I left President Trump’s cabinet, did I write a tell all book? No. Did I go on CNN and attack the President? No. Have I said a cross word about President Trump? No.”

It’s almost as if Sessions had a goal. He might be trying to head off criticism from President Trump, who spoke poorly of Sessions during and after his time as Attorney General.

Alabama Republicans could be far more receptive than the administration.  Sessions’ Senate seat went to Democrat Doug Jones in a special election in 2017, where the Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore, was plagued by allegations of pursuing and having relations with underage girls.  If Moore won the Republican nomination again, Democrats might keep the seat in what is otherwise a very conservative state.





(Reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Peter Cooney)


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