He’s Back! Former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Run For His Old Seat

When Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General after a tumultuous tenure in the Trump White House, he sort of just disappeared. Now he’s re-emerged,ready to rejoin the fight as a reincarnation of his former self.

Sessions said on Thursday he intends to run for his old Senate seat in 2020.

When Trump first appointed Sessions as the Attorney General, Sessions immediately recused himself from the Russia probe, a move the president criticized relentlessly.  The probe turned into a special counsel, which led to the Mueller investigation and report.

After many months of speculation, Sessions resigned, but then he did something unusual. He didn’t run around bad-mouthing the president.

In a statement announcing his Senate bid, Sessions said:

“When I left President Trump’s cabinet, did I write a tell all book? No. Did I go on CNN and attack the President? No. Have I said a cross word about President Trump? No.”

It’s almost as if Sessions had a goal. He might be trying to head off criticism from President Trump, who spoke poorly of Sessions during and after his time as Attorney General.

Alabama Republicans could be far more receptive than the administration.  Sessions’ Senate seat went to Democrat Doug Jones in a special election in 2017, where the Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore, was plagued by allegations of pursuing and having relations with underage girls.  If Moore won the Republican nomination again, Democrats might keep the seat in what is otherwise a very conservative state.





(Reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Peter Cooney)


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Comments (14)

  1. Gary Arnault

    Run Jeff run!

    • Kurt Walker

      I sincerely hope the people of Alabama vote against him. He can’t be depended upon to stand for anything and he most definitely will go against the president.

    • marc

      john McCain is back… he’s a RINO and will only serve himself…

      • marc

        moderate yourselves you crappy moderators, I don’t need ya, won’t be back. Any site that moderates is a LOUSY site. Many out there, go find a good one…

  2. Donl Longo

    Gut less, Wonder.

  3. Burton Pauly

    Although Mr. Sessions wasn’t the best Attorney General, he is one of the best Republicans that will be running for the US Senate. At least he is not a Rino like some who say what folks want to hear, and then do the opposite once is the office.

  4. PatriotSoul

    We used to love him, but now, we wouldn’t vote for useless Sessions if our lives depended on it. We don’t trust him, no matter what he says in his ad about having said nothing regarding President Trump and supporting OUR PRESIDENT. After what he did – recusing himself from the Russia investigation the day after he was sworn in – thus handing it over to the Deep State – no thanks! AL can do better!

  5. Charles Daniel Duckworth

    He did not just hurt Trump. He cost the USA 3 years and Millions of dollars, hurting all Americans. Was he just gullable and got hoodwinked by admin? Why did he continue the job when he knew he would Recuse? But, unlike the fools in Kentucky, even if the their govenor was not the best you are voting For or Against Trump. Kentucky sold out Trump, I would support Sessions because I understand that is the best way to help Trump help the USA! IT would not be easy, because I believe Sessions is either stupid or wanted the job so bad he would not walk away.

  6. ConservativeNotRepublican

    Jeff Sessions had the opportunity to be the greatest Attorney General this country has ever had….and he completely abandoned the Constitution and ignored everything the communist liberals did…in exchange for keeping his friends in the deep state happy.

    I hope Alabama runs a real conservative against Jeff Session and he looses. No, we don’t want another communist liberal in the senate…be we sure don’t need Jeff Sessions back there either.

  7. Richard Manfredi

    A great lawyer , a great Senator , but a rotten administrator . He stepped into the FBI swamp and found the mud up to his eyeballs , and never recovered. He was a good warning for AG Barr. Alabama ca a whole lot worse. I hope Sen . Sessions and Pres. Trump campaign together .

  8. John F Grychak

    This Anti-American Jeff SESSIONS, should have been jailed for his Obstructionism. Under no circumstances should he be allowed to run for his old seat again. He should not be in any Government position ever again. He is a Deep State/SWAMPER.

  9. George McBride

    Just another career politician who proved he is useless. Will not vote for him for sure. Enough of him living off the taxpayers tit. Time for term limits
    on all politicians

  10. NoLoveForEITHER Party

    As Blump cements his pending role as Our Respected And Beloved Leader for Life, he certainly will have to delegate, at least SOME tasks. Perhaps the best choice would entail an army of sawed-off rodent-people from Alabama. They could snivel and scramble at Blumpie’s bone-spurred feet, while the idiot masses gather behind to worship abjectly. Perhaps we’ll even find some appropriate gig for Roy Moore, maybe having something to do with recruiting teenage MAGA-cheerleaders (now that Epstein’s conveniently gone, and all).

  11. Tom C

    Jeff Sessions was a leading proponent on building a wall and reducing illegal immigration through E-verify, ending chain migration, sanctuary policies, birthright citizenship and
    many others. He was graded as A+ by immigration/population groups like NUMBERs USA for his
    legislative record against unsustainable legal and illegal immigration. We desperately need someone like Jeff Sessions to lead in the Senate or Congress who will take up the cause and not beholden to the “cheap Labor” deep state Republicans or the bring in more democratic socialist voters party.

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