Floyd County Georgia ‘Finds’ 2,600 Uncounted Ballots

Nothing to see here… keep moving.

Floyd County Georgia has about 98,000 people. Trump captured 24,000 votes in 2016 to Clinton’s 9,200. This time around, apparently, voters just didn’t go to the polls, as Trump garnered 13,200 votes and Biden received 3,600.

But wait!

During the recount, county election officials “found” 2,600 previously uncounted ballots, which increases the total for the county by more than 15%. Of the new ballots, 1,600 were cast for Trump and the remainder for Biden.  Officials point out that this was not an equipment error or even a malicious act, it was instead a human failure. Someone simply didn’t do their job.

That might be the case, but it still shows that close elections deserve recounts because even unintentional errors can throw an election when few votes separate the candidates.

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